Nov 23rd, 2005. The ad for Dove Firming Lotion used real models. I was impressed. There was just one thing... View large

Dear Sir,

It is the slow season, studies have finished for the year, the garden looks fabulous, the weather is warm, the beer is cold and Christmas is all too close. Wanting to fill some time I found myself reading one of Mrs Newbery's magazines.

It was there that I saw your advertisement for Dove Firming Lotion.

First and foremost I must congratulate you. It is great to see real women with real bodies. They look good, they look as if they have a great sense of self worth and ooze confidence. Bunny stamp material. Well done!

I was just a little saddened, however, by a small disclaimer to the side of the photo that said Not retouched.

I feel that the ladies in the photo deserve to be retouched. Repeatedly.

Touched, retouched, caressed and, above all, cherished.

They should carry badges that say We have used Dove! Please touch!

Yours appreciatively, (But don't tell Mrs N!)

J Cosmo Newbery

REPLY: None so far.