18th April, 2004 The advertisement showed a woman stealing a man's ham sandwich. Not much point in buying the ham then, is there? View large

Dear Sir,

I was taken by your advertisement in the Safeway Good Taste magazine, but not as taken as the sandwich in the girls hand. Let me explain.

The ad shows a rather befuddled looking gentleman, probably middle management but not in advertising as he lacks a pony-tail, looking ruefully at the spot where his sandwich used to be before it was hijacked by a passing jogger. The caption played on the company slogan 'Is Don. Is Good' and read:

Is Gone.

Well, to the consumer, what is the message here?

There are a few. The sandwich is in the wrong hand and wrong position in the hand of the girl. Looks like a set up. Unlike the girl, it has also been somewhat tarted up. The sandwich is too large to have come from the lunch box. As is the apple. The guy is too prissy for the such a manly sandwich - he would have had a single layer of ham and cut his bread into quarters. By the time the girl was where she is he should have been looking at her not the empty bench. All interesting but pointless observations.

The real message is: if you don't want some tart on the run to steal your lunch, buy a ham other that Don. It wont taste as good but if it is Don you don't get to taste it at all.

Did you really pay for that ad?

Yours in amazement,

J Cosmo Newbery.