8th Mar 2004 The advertisement asked what name was on everyone's lips. View large

Dear Sir,

Somehow I recently came across your advertisement. The one that has the plump, pink, pouting lips and says:

"the name on everyone's lips"

Presumably the name belongs to the owner of those lips.

Well, it has been a quiet Sunday and I decided to do a survey. I asked some folk whose name was on their lips. Here are the results:

No 2 Son: "Drew Barrymore" - he's having a bad testosterone day.
My wife:   "Betty Witherspoon. Not only is she on my lips, she has been in my ear for 30 minutes."
No 3 Son:   "Abraham Lincoln." It's school assignment season.
My Mum:   "Elizabeth Arden?" A mother's joke.
My Dad:   "My wife". This is the chicken reply of someone fearful of a thick lip.
No 3 son:  Something that sounded like "needelnerdelnargel". He is in Rotterdam and any name on his lips will also belong to a beer.
The cat:  Discrete silence.

Not the best result, all things considered.

So, tell me, whose name is it on everyone's lips?