8th Mar 2004 The label on the bottle said brewery fresh - how fresh is that? View large

Dear Sir,

There is a time for everything, except perhaps folk dancing, raw oysters and Mahler.

The time has come to ask you a question:

I am a VB sort of person and I admit that I came across a bottle of your Carlton Draught quite by accident.

Someone threw it over my front fence.

But, never one to miss an opportunity, I was reading the label as I wandered down toward the recycle bin: Carlton Draught - Brewery Fresh.

Two issues came to my mind and prompted this letter.

Firstly, isn't draught beer straight from the tap in the pub? How then can you have bottled draught beer? Can you also have stubbies on tap?

Secondly, brewery fresh. I suppose it was when it was bottled in the brewery but does it hold that a product with a best before of 24NOV04 will remain brewery fresh? By the same logic, all canned vegetables are garden fresh and, amazingly, all women are virgins.

But that might be an affect of the beer.