26th Jan 2004 The label claimed 'contained 30% recycled cardboard' but was a bit hazy on what contained it. The product, I assumed. View large

Dear Sir,

I am impressed.

And I do not impress easily, I might tell you. Having matching socks, finding a biscuit left in the tin and learning that a politician has done something morally correct; these things, rare and against the normal order of the universe, impress me.

Les Enfants Newbery were recently devouring a box of Farmland oven baked fruit bars; well 'had devoured' really as there were none left by the time I found the box, abandoned in the middle of the lounge room floor. I was not impressed by that.

What impressed me was the statement on the back of the packet saying 'Contains 30% recycled cardboard'.

What a devilishly clever idea! It's cheap. There are mountains of the stuff. Only people shifting house would complain about the lack of boxes. In the process, you reduce landfill, up the population's fibre intake, lower coronary heart disease, contribute to our moral requirement to comply with Kyoto, up profits, and please the shareholders. Absolutely brilliant.

There is potential for specialization too. Perhaps you could make a special bar for the sports fans: containing 30% Wisden's Almanac, to enable Cricket commentators to eat their words. Or plain-wrapped one, a muffin perhaps, for the adolescent boys, containing 30% Playboy magazine.

And of course, we are flush with pieces of cheap paper that could be saved and made into a special drop scone to be fed to the politicians as they pass their motions.

I was thinking of Hansard.

Yours impressed,

J Cosmo Newbery.

Hansard is the transcript of Parliamentary proceedings.

And the reply came:

It is always pleasing when one of our customers takes the time to offer their comments regarding our product range.

Your feedback concerning the wording on our package has been noted and referred to the Business Manager for their attention.