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The advertisement was for roll-on insect repellant, formulated for children. Or so it said. I was impressed.

Dear Sir,


Forgive my enthusiasm but I am definitely impressed.

It was only today that I found out that you now make 'Aerogard for Kids'. I had no idea that technology was so advanced. Does it REALLY work?

I mean, does it keep them a LONG way away?

Or can you still hear them?

I know this may be sensitive information but, broadly, how does it work? Does it smell like homework?

Or perhaps it triggers those tiny subcerebral sensors that tell kids when the compost needs emptying, the lawn needs mowing or the Guinea Pig needs feeding?

Whatever, however, it has to be boon to mankind and have you shortlisted for a Nobel Prize, services to humanity.

Definitely the makings of agoodweegend.

And the possibilities!

Are you working on a formulation for Jehovah's Witnesses?

Mothers in law?

Yours in absolute admiration, J. Cosmo Newbery II.

They replied saying that they were working on several new products, including

Aerogard for Politicians
Aerogard for French Nuclear testing
Aerogard for Round the World Yachtsmen
Aerogard for Police Radar Traps.